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This is a community where empowered voices from all different perspectives engage in civil conversations and dialogue.
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Have you joined one of our community zooms yet?
We hold them on Tuesdays at 6pm eastern time and Thursdays at Noon eastern time. Come and meet other people in the community and talk about whatever is on your mind! I've put the registration information in a comment below this post.
Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Hey all!!!

You know this has been on the back burner for a while but I am FINALLY excited to be able to launch our debate club!

Debate club will be a community activity where we attempt to have a live debate on a variety of topics, but with a catch: You don't get to pick your position on the topics.

You might get to argue a position you agree with. You might have to argue a position you disagree with. The goal is to understand different sides of different issues. The audience will vote on who does the best and the winner will get a secret prize!

If you are interested in participating, I've created a simple form for you to sign up. Debate club is going to be a Supporter's perk, so I will post the form to sign up in a comment on this post.
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Rules For Radicals Book Club!!!
Our next community book club is one of those books that we all SHOULD read to understand the playbook we're fighting against - Rules For Radicals.

Book club is a perk for supporters! We'll meet in our community zoom on Sunday, May 23rd at 5pm eastern to discuss the book and our key takeaways. It will be the same zoom that we use for all of our community calls. If you haven't signed up yet, I'll post the link in the comments.
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Community Zoom Info
Reminder! We do two community zoom calls per week, one on Tuesday at 6pm eastern and one on Thursday at noon eastern.

These are open forums to talk about whatever is on your time and typically last for a few hours. You're welcome to drop in and out as your schedule allows.

These are perks for supporters, and so I will be leaving the registration information in a comment below the post.
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