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I was just questioned by the FBI...for making sarcastic tweets on January 6. No, seriously.
Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
Chris Sununu and his cronie RINO friends just dismantled the anti-critical race theory bill in NH
When debating with the woke, throw them off balance by rejecting the premise of their arguments.

Watch the debate:

A simple definition of critical race theory that everyone can understand.

Here's the thread with the definition: https://twitter.com/DrKarlynB/status/1403380027354386436

Make sure you subscribe to Actively Unwoke for more content about fighting back against the woke among us: youtube.com/activelyunwoke

Debate club starts next week! Here's our topic and participants.

Our first Debate Club will be NEXT SATURDAY June 19 at 4pm in the community zoom. Let's give @rjlau and @raptor1770 a big hand for being the first volunteers to participate!

Topic: Mandatory Vaccine - Does the government have the right mandate individuals be vaccinated, either through explicit laws and regulation, or by promoting policy which would make everyday life extremely uncomfortable for the unvaccinated?

Pro mandatory vaccination: Tony

Con mandatory vaccination: Roddy


You will each get a 2 minute opening statement to state your position.

We will then go into a Q&A period:
-One side asks the other a question
-The other side has one minute to respond
-The initial side has one minute to refute

We will go back and forth for three questions each.

Then, we will give the audience a chance to ask each debater a question, as selected by the moderator. Each debater will have one minute to respond.

We will conclude with two minutes of closing statements, followed by an ...

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Important upcoming events!!!

I've added an event section to our community where you can find the following upcoming events, in addition to our regular community zoom calls on Tuesdays at 6pm eastern and Thursdays at noon eastern!

On Saturday June 19th at 4pm eastern, we will gather for our first ever DEBATE CLUB! I'll be selecting two participants who are available and they will be assigned a copy and position, and have a week to prepare their arguments for a debate. If you're not selected you come and watch for fun.

On Saturday July 3 at 4pm eastern, the crafting corner will be open for an open Stitch (or craft) and bitch!

And on Sunday, July 11 at 5pm eastern, we will gather for book club. This months book is Andy Ngo's work Unmasked.

All events take place in our community zoom. I've posted the registration information for that in a comment on this post.

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Community Zoom Info

Reminder! We do two community zoom calls per week, one on Tuesday at 6pm eastern and one on Thursday at noon eastern.

These are open forums to talk about whatever is on your time and typically last for a few hours. You're welcome to drop in and out as your schedule allows.

These are perks for supporters, and so I will be leaving the registration information in a comment below the post.

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